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Everyday I want to be a part of the solution with you in addressing these longstanding atrocities of human rights because of colonialism, and inherently racist and unchecked capitalism. Dismantling these systems are vital, they are destroying lives and destroying the planet and have proven to be an illegitimate power. We are taking back our power as people of the planet. I will be using this page and with the inherent privilege and platform I have as a white ally and artist to post information and current action about issues that are important with the intention of raising awareness, raising funds, and opening necessary Socratic discussions.

We each all have a unique and special role to play on a daily basis in creating a world where there is truly equality and justice for all. With Love. I love you!


Please donate whatever you can to

Direct Action Monterey Network

They are directly helping marginalized communities in the bay area and central California through the

Covid -19 Mutual Aid Project

(DAMN) CopWatch 

"Copwatch (also Cop Watch) is a network of activist organizations that observe and document police activity while looking for signs of police misconduct and police brutality. We believe that monitoring police activity on the streets is one way to reduce police brutality and can potentially hold the police accountable in incidents involving assaults or police misconduct."


The Metro Atlanta Mutual Aid Fund

"The Metro Atlanta Mutual Aid Fund was created by community members from metro-Atlanta who have witnessed the needs of their neighbors at this time of crisis. While COVID-19 is a health pandemic, it has crippled economies and interrupted markets, causing wide-spread unemployment. Our concern is not with fixing the economy but instead with meeting the needs of people left with uncertainty and disruption. 

As social distancing becomes the new normal, community aid is more important than ever for the most vulnerable. These funds are only intended for members of the most vulnerable, displaced and marginalized target-groups who are residing in the prioritized counties of Fulton, Dekalb, Clayton, Douglas, Cobb, Gwinnett, Henry, and Rockdale. Funds are targeted towards Black, Indigenous, and peoples of color. We will give special consideration within these communities to women/femmes, non-binary and queer folks, the poor and working class, people living with disabilities, and undocumented and refugee members. 

Our Framework-

Mutual Aid

A reciprocal system where those that benefit are also feeding back in and supporting others with either services, money, or other value adding measures. These systems can inform how we relate to each other in community and support self determination.

Wealth redistribution

A framework where those with generational privilege and access to resources are encouraged to feed into communities and individuals historically disenfranchised to build long-term equity in those communities.

Building Alternative Systems

While we’re focusing on raising and distributing money in the short-term, we’re also actively building the infrastructure for a post-capitalist system by creating a time-banking and skill-sharing mechanism to participate."

As well as volunteering our time and our love, we call for the immediate release of all people from ICE detention centers and prisons, rent bans/strikes, free testing and treatment, and universal health care. No one is disposable, and sharing resources based on need is essential."


This witch stands with you. I support you. This witch stands with Black Lives Matter. I stand with native people. I stand with the LGBTQ community. I stand with anyone that has experienced oppression. I oppose anyone who would hurt or discriminate against you. I stand with you in support of dismantling corrupt outdated systems of power and control that support the oppression and murder of people of color, of indigenous people, and dying economic, governmental and social structures that hold in its grasp a paradigm of modern serfdom. Capitalism is intrinsically racist. I love you and stand with you. I want to see and hear all my friends and family rising up and sharing your truth so that we can come together in mutual respect and build a world that contains more equality, inclusivity, and unity. Blessed Be!💜🌛🌕🌜💜

June 27th, 2020

June 27th, 2020

Rich Magaña Jr.

June 26 at 8:03 AM (Facebook Post)

I don't really know of a better way to say this other than people don't know what autism looks like, and they especially don't in young black men. Elijah Mcclain died because of it.

He played violin for the kittens in the animal shelter.

“I can’t breathe.
I have my ID right here. My name is Elijah McClain.
That’s my house. I was just going home.
I’m an introvert. I’m just different. That’s all.
I’m so sorry.
I have no gun. I don’t do that stuff. I don’t do any fighting. Why are you attacking me? I don’t even kill flies! I don’t eat meat! But I don’t judge people, I don’t judge people who do eat meat.
Forgive me.
All I was trying to do was become better. I will do it. I will do anything. Sacrifice my identity, I’ll do it. You all are phenomenal. You are beautiful and I love you.
Try to forgive me.
I’m a mood Gemini. I’m sorry.
I’m so sorry. Ow, that really hurt. You are all very strong. Teamwork makes the dream work.
(*crying*) Oh, I’m sorry I wasn’t trying to do that.
I just can’t breathe correctly.”

- Elijah McClain’s last words, as he was being pinned down by Aurora PD officers before he was injected with Ketamine.

This is the same police department that arrested the Aurora movie theater shooter peacefully while he was armed, wearing body armor, and had moments before killed 12 people.

A favorite astrologer of mine, do you know The Peace Dealer yet? He does daily helpful and super insightful horoscopes, and so much much more. 

June 22nd, 2020

Wiyaala is an incredible artist from Ghana, please follow her work! I've been totally in love with her music and huge heart since I discovered her music about a year and a half ago

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June 21st, 2020

June 18th, 2020

June 17th, 2020

To follow up on my previous post a week ago I had a zoom chat with the Chief of Police in Santa Cruz Andy Mills and what I took overall from the short discussion was his perspective that the police have way too many social problems left in their domain to address.  I was told that Santa Cruz police have been focusing more on de-escalation the last 2.5 years per a new training program. Not a direct quote, the Chief told me that something like a PHD in psychology is really required to be at a capable level in handling highly sensitive and potentially volatile situations that police handle every day. He did not think that de-funding the police would be a great idea at all but suggested that instead more county funds be allotted into education and social programs that can help heal people from within, not just address the eruptive symptoms of the open wound. There are professionals that work in police departments that have backgrounds in mental health, there are currently two on the Santa Cruz force. There is currently no civilian run review board for police in Santa Cruz. At least this new signed bill would create teams of social workers that can respond to low risk for violence situations but this qualified immunity law should be revoked immediately and consequences for misconduct enacted the very first offense! Perhaps pay/pensions/employment security could depend on it? The president has said he will not support any changed made to the law of qualified immunity. I think the police should be de-funded to the point that they respond only to situations requiring use of force and be restricted to that and that money allotted to building up community programs and more de-escalation training for cops.  Or abolished entirely and replaced with community run militia.


A quote from Alicia Garza, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, from this article -

"So much of policing right now is generated and directed towards quality-of-life issues, homelessness, drug addiction, domestic violence," Garza said. "What we do need is increased funding for housing, we need increased funding for education, we need increased funding for quality of life of communities who are over-policed and over-surveilled."


"Are we willing to live in fear that our lives will be taken by police officers who are literally using their power in the wrong way, or are we willing to adopt and absorb the fear of what it might mean to change our practices, which will ultimately lead to a better quality of life for everyone."


Our police chief in Santa Cruz is meeting weekly in person with 30 or so citizens of the black community in Santa Cruz to discuss developing reforms. What a positive development. I am going to continue to research and learn and above all *listen* and practice deeper empathy with my fellow human beings, my brothers and sisters on planet earth. 

"History of neo nazi activity, hate groups in the area.......initially ruled as suicide.....county failed to do autopsy for 12 days....."

If these men were white, or rich, this story would be developing differently
From an article by Li Cohen…/california-city-calls-for-invest…/

"At around 3:40 a.m. on June 10, a passerby found Fuller hanging from the tree across the street from City Hall, CBS Los Angeles reports. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department initially said Fuller died by suicide, but his family believes he was lynched, and has demanded a full investigation into what happened. On Saturday, the City of Palmdale joined in on the family's call, saying, "We will settle for nothing less than a thorough accounting of this matter."

"The City has already reached out to Mr. Fuller's family, offering help and support, and will do everything possible to assist Mr. Fuller's family during this difficult time as a complete vetting of his death is investigated," the statement said.

June 6th, 2020


My friend Leonard and I found out this morning that Santa Cruz Police Chief Andy Mills is not available for in-person discussion with concerned citizens Mondays at 930am like I had heard and reported from the community video "Changing The Culture Of Policing In Our Community and Beyond" recently but Chief Mills is available for zoom appointments and these appointments can be made through his secretary Jodi. Here are questions I had drawn up for this morning but the appointment is now next Monday so I want to ask, does anyone have anything to add to this list? Please message me with questions anytime or if you think I should word a question differently here or something like that, its for a weekly dialogue with the local police chief with the intention of consistent citizen pressure through interviewing to check up on them as they make progress in necessary reforms.

Questions and points of discussion with Chief Mills:

-The use of tear gas, rubber bullets, tasers, pepper balls, pepper spray; do you feel these methods of controlling individuals and the public at large are absolutes in necessity and if so, why?

-Why do you think that officers across the country have been using rubber bullets and bean bags in a highly abusive and deadly way so frequently during these protests?

-Police violence against people of color. Can you answer personally and if the Santa Cruz Police Department as a whole acknowledges or denies that people of color are disproportionately effected by police brutality and violence?

-Can you answer personally and if the Santa Cruz Police Department as a whole acknowledges or denies that unnecessary and unconstitutional violence has been frequently used recently by officers across the country against peaceful protesters and press?

-In countries like Iceland, Norway and Ireland the police usually do not carry firearms. How do you feel about this and do you think it would be conducive to a more civil and peaceful society here in the states? Do you think it would forge more trust between officers and citizens if the police did not carry weapons?

-In my research I am finding that on average US police academy training is 19 weeks. Do you feel this is an adequate amount of time for an officer to have thorough training in all aspects of what they may be faced with? In Germany for instance, the training can go as long as three years. Would you as a police chief support or not support a longer duration in training in the police academies?

-During traditional police academy is there training or emphasis in conflict de-escalation techniques? Will you and the people working under you be committing to more training on dialogue, communication, and de-escalation techniques to reduce and eliminate police brutality in the event of an officer and citizen interaction?

-Disbanding and defunding of the police. What are your thoughts on this? Do you foresee a reduction of funds for the SCPD and if this occurred what do you think the results would be when it comes to everyday duties and situations faced for SCPD officers?


-What is SCPD's official policy on the use of a firearm by an officer towards a citizen? And the official policy on using a taser to disarm a person?

-What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of psychological screening and testing that police recruits undergo before being allowed to work with the public? Is it enough? Should there be more screening?

-What acknowledgements and attitude shifts if any are taking place within the SCPD when it comes to the blue code of silence?

-Your thoughts please on the kettling tactic used frequently to control and arrest crowds of protesters.

-Growing up with a family member who was an officer that worked very long shifts for days on end it always seemed to me that the shifts were too long, with not enough time to rest and live in between. This schedule seemed to cause a lot of stress and tiredness. Do you think that more thoughtful scheduling for police officers, considering the high stress nature of the work, would reduce their stress levels thus effecting positively their reactions to confrontational situations? Would officers then have more internal reserves to work with and would this help in reducing implicit knee jerk biases, especially racial biases?

-The practice of racial profiling. Does racial profiling exist inherently in the field of law enforcement? Is racial profiling a secret or non secret part of police training? How does this come to be so obviously widely used?

-If you have issues and complaints on a certain officer what do you do to remedy that? Is there a policy on how many complaints an officer can have before he is fired or
is that determined subjectively by a higher up on the team?

June 2nd, 2020


Dear Cosmic Community💜 This heart has been breaking so intensely this past week today I feel finally able to articulate and all I can do is listen to all of the innumerable voices and perspectives in my human family and see the actualizations around the country of such valid pain and valid pent up hot burning rage volcanic eruptions of what has been building for so long, and incomparable sadness, and generational anguish, I am hearing and feeling all around me from brothers and sisters, and inside. The lives of my sisters and brothers of color MATTER. Absolutely. Tremendously. You are beautiful, you are exquisite, you matter. You do not deserve or should experience any disrespect and discrimination, ever!!! These things have to fucking change, they really have too immediately. Black Lives Matter. This stops now, it is our responsibility. Here we are together facing this destruction and creation. I feel clarity today instead of intense anxiety and meltdown despair for days. Head still in my hands and I'm reaching out for you. Going for a jog today I tried to imagine again how it would feel to be hunted and shot, or surrounded and murdered over a $20 bill, just because of the shade of my skin, such an impermanent body suit. To even walk around with that kind of fear. I'm skittish being a lady on my own sometimes yet I feel safe walking and jogging through my fucking neighborhood during the DAY. Many don't. With intense sadness I know that it is true, it is reality for so many, for friends and neighbors, it is not right. Why the fuck is it that governing principals have become so corrupted that functioning life itself revolves around capital and the pursuit of it is silently agreed upon to be more of value than all life??!!! Mr. Floyd was a black father murdered by a white man in a position of supposed service, who could have made a different choice without that awful look on his face but he didn't and it was over a 20 dollar bill, this particular murder. How tragically symbolic. A match that lit a bubbling fuse that's been in the fabric of our societies for so long. Economic and environmental racism and layers of social racism and soul crushing wealth disparity and the events all of it creates subtly and not so subtly daily need to be worked consciously into total elimination. Justice system needs total reform. Its good to fucking scream and feel it and give a voice to the rage in us all. I feel heart ripped up by these experiences of others. Feels of the death happening of an old world paradigm. It is a dark realization to have over and over that the tactics of survival my black friends and neighbors have to use daily, it's on a whole other level than my own, and it needs to stop being this way. I understand that I will never understand. Every black person deserves respect and their dignity to be honoured. Its a humbling realization over and over how much damage fear can cause. It is our responsibility to change this. These killings must stop. This wealth polarization that greedy capitalists have created and this for profit healthcare system is not functioning for the people and needs to be replaced. It is killing our souls and the planet and has so much responsibility in our country's foundation in racism, and I truly hope it can be done peacefully, oh by the Great Goddess. It is destroying people and life on this planet with its insatiable greed and need to exploit for material gain. People battling for money and resources for a fucking false fake ass sense of security, to keep the wheels greased on a system that's breaking people to the point where violent revolution is the last resort. I see that work and trade and the spirit of commerce are a part of society and perhaps are natural human expressions but its too much pressure now on the planet and the people that do the most work like grow the food are supported the least and people that throw oblong pieces of blown up pigskin around in tight uniforms or are in the cult of celebrity are supported like absolute kings, and not even teachers are paid well. We are obviously not all the same individually in personality and culturally (fortunately, that'd be so boring) but we are one human community and are connected on these soul levels and in my opinion I think that the terrible uneasiness writhing like a dying snake throughout the planet we have been feeling for so long is due to the fact that so many people are suffering silently on the planet to varying degrees in a grinding machine of modern serfdom and systemic racism and never ending colonialism and destruction of sacred lands. But now 2020 events have the dynamic changing suddenly more acutely and abruptly and the anger which indicates our boundaries is erupting after this period of quarantine. Inevitable eruptions for change but what tragic circumstances as a precursor. Do we have it in us to reconstruct things so that people of color don't have to live in fear in these horrible ways and the nervous systems of people are under less stress? Be it so, in willingness to work with you. Not corrupted is the soulful poetic beauty and strength and natural optimism and community in people, even in the face of soul destruction genocide or constant war that colonialism and out of control capitalism have created. In full fucking support of traumatized people that have been blatantly abused and killed and more insidiously subtly fucked with for so long getting this message of change or else across EXACTLY the way it seeds to be sent for action to be taken. I feel like there is so much loneliness around the world.😢 I don't wish for violence or violent revolution anywhere. I've been violent in the past to myself and others and have had violence done to me repeatedly and its not the way of responsible responsiveness, it's simply reactivity, it's so destructive and I don't think it's a truly effective way to create real change if it's a consistent vibration present but what options really are left here in this particular situational tipping point? I was born into a military service and police affiliated family. I see the humankind in family members wanting to serve and make a living and I respect that. I also see the police state of control and brutality and a corrupt justice system that has got to be eliminated. Because there is such obvious murderous racism infused disrespect by the police. The military and police seem quite well equipped to react violently with protesters yet there were not enough masks or ventilators or supplies circulating through hospitals? Doesn't make sense. Fucked. It is about power and control when it comes to the mindset of enforcers of the law.💜Santa Cruz has been peaceful💜The mindset of power and control over people is just not a functioning perspective. The brutal bloodstained colonialist past of this country needs to be written about and spoken of truthfully. But that means we need to behave better and more consciously with each other so that we won't need police and military!!! I KNOW we are all learning to get along better everyday in a world where beauty and love and potential and community lie in the melting of cultures. I'm working on this too. Mutual respect💜 As a mom finding the words to explain racism to my children has felt like searching for words to describe complete madness but these tough conversations need to be had in all circles and consistently often. Every human being I have ever been in contact with is a teacher. Thank you for teaching me about what I can do to further develop socially to be of better service in a world in need of so much change. What are my own personal fear laced mindset patterns stemmed from trauma around forging deeper working alliances with other humans to more effectively create necessary changes? This is Saturn in Aquarius time and the last time Saturn was in Aquarius it was a social climate that exposed a victim of extreme police brutality, Rodney King, and the subsequent rioting, and the last time Pluto was in Capricorn was the American Revolution. What is outdated WILL fall and die out. That is how the symbolism of this transit actualizes in an evolutionary sense within the world, and inside our own souls. Messy and heartbreaking empowering necessary work. We destroy what isn't working and we build together. I want to hear all my friends and family speak their valid and needed opinions. I want to listen and hear what you are saying. I deeply want this. I want to share all the music with you. Feels like the human world has never been under more stress and unsustainabilty in all its daily practices than right now. I feel the uprisings are going to create a platform for significant change and though the looting and destruction of small businesses is obviously not helpful and marks a stain on the peaceful protests especially so for the people affected by the looting that are just trying to survive like you and I, the fact that all these corporations were given massive financial relief during the covid quarantine and American businesses were fucking forced to close and people losing their jobs including myself and so many I hear and see are now in financial crisis and have not been adequately assisted and money is obviously the God Of Worship in all this, WELL a lot of people are going to react to that in anger and why wouldn't they. I want to listen more fully to what you have to say and I'm totally here if you need someone. Last year I was hoping one night that the rare astrological transits and alignments of 2020 would just really not manifest so explicitly, like economic depression and plague, but yet it has and it must be so that we can build new structures together. I pray for our world in optimism, it will be a highly pressurized few years, we can get it together💜 Three volatile eclipses coming up fast, all stirring up anger and suppressed emotion and creating chaos and eruptions in our hearts and discord in public discourse and the deep valid need to express subjective truths. There is a needlepoint focus on deeper moral principals in the subconscious unearthing. Life philosophies and social higher philosophies vs. daily happenings, daily coping mechanisms, the blending of the two, exploring the reality of that polarity and bridging the gaps. The south node of the moon moving into Sagittarius was going to stir it up for sure, roots needing to be exposed and pulled out, which is social revolution. I am totally on your side, fuck anyone that tries to hurt you. With love and support and cries from my empathic connection to you, if you suffer, I do too, we all do. This ends here. I understand that I will never understand.This is my perspective, I had to write it out, if you don't like it, please at least respect it, I respect yours and I love you 💜 Sending you all so many hugs💜🙏💜