Happy Autumn to all of you sweet souls. It’s Sabine the harp player. I feel the sun in my words today and I want to write this log, my spider fingers feel talkative and my body and mind are relaxed in the emerald fields of the late afternoon on my Saturday. Miss you. I hope this note finds your heart light today. Thank you for hearing and supporting my dreams and music. Sending a red rose upon the energy waves to you. In this life I cannot help but go deep into the labyrinth of the plutonian magma core within to travel in a spiral, my dreams and navigation traps and visions and burning flames of the truth of my love at night and in waking state come forward with equal measure upon the scales of the season. I let the integration of the rainfall of potent experiences this year occur, remembering and reflecting upon the winter solstice at the great conjunction and what has shifted in my world since that time. My soul has sought connection to the elements with needlepoint clarity and intentional relationships were forged with elemental forces unfamiliar and uranian, restructuring my internal world, expanding my mind, breaking my heart and forcing the great work of music out of me and time passes, but I have experienced the halt of time catalyzed from ecstasy or catalyzed from fear in different moments across the centuries or just the years, the electricity moving through me like a sky of lightning bolts. Green eyes closing falling long lashes hiding the pain with beauty and in renewal my body is light with sleep, imprinted upon the soft black sheets, smiling with teeth into the endless mid-nights from a bed in the curtains drawn cobwebbed part of the library. With the pendulum above me I watch a vampy dahlia vine from a forgotten seed out of the darkness above my pale belly, the glow of my ruby desires, the crescent moon of the female, a mist falling from slow motion to velvet the wall. Shadows of camaraderie dance in the white light’s candle and I wake up at sunrise to breakfast cooking. I join the soul that looks most like me in her state of heart purring, pouring the water from the cherry colored tea pot that wandering beautiful musician gave her, and a feline at the window begins singing the song in octaves of learned night vision. I trust she’s making the coffee strong and I sense that it is a magnet pool opening another timeline and so I appear into the one pouring, remembering I have watched the water boiling until it disappears. So I simply want to write you today, indeed I have been a proper hermit lately mending my heart and with my bull horns to the ground creating things that appear and disappear, and ultimately letting Destiny decide what is best. I’m sending up a cute happy firework flare, writing to you from my new home, in the beautiful high desert county of Santa Fe, New Mexico, where my family has found the flow of life to be the most comfortable and connected for us, and I have made the natural choice to live here after feeling out whether my boat home I created would be sustainable for us all, and I chose ultimately to let her go and let many things go. I feel strong in my spiritual center about the music I shared in different experimental forms in Santa Cruz and the bay area, and my work to create a home there, which was necessary for the time, for all of my heart was in all of it. It was a divine flash of thought one morning in late winter while musing at the fog over my coffee, and it just took me over, and I had to make it happen for many reasons, and for survival, and I met the coolest and most skilled, gifted and friendly water people, willing to help me along, I am forever in awe, and we had adventures. In my own seeking of the gods I have never felt anything so deeply romantic as the sense of accomplishment I felt laying on my Apollo boat’s deck at night, alone under the moon and stars on the beautiful sea between the lighthouses, with my anchor light a soft glow above, a signal for my heart hooked into the sea sand 30 feet below. There may never be anything as poetic and erotic and empowering as it to me, and in that I must have accomplished what my soul needed to do. I would love to have another boat one day, with more people involved, I know I got my nervous system pretty burnt out managing everything on my own. I miss the sea already but I will always have that love and skillset. The friends I have made over there, I know we will be friends for life. My public harp therapy project will be a room in the golden temple of the one heart at this time, I honor it and I believe in the spirit of that project though as a highly sensitive person I must take as much of a break as I need from performing at this time for my own well being. Thank you, thank you, thank you if you have shown me love and support in Santa Cruz or wherever I played, in the venue or on the avenue, or online here, each individual experience and exchange in communication will stay with me all of my life, I have so many little gifts people have given me, little notes, crystals, rings, trinkets, it all means so much, and I really love you and that work in this Aquarian way, the love reflection and bridge between the worlds and people that music creates is beautiful to me and transformative, and I do want to help you feel better with music, to create healing music for the world. My hope is that I have left a positive impact in that area which is my job as an artist, and I will continue to do my best to create that here with musical releases in this land. I’ve made the choice to return to being an alone in my bedroom filled with lit candles creature writing weird music in the winter and studio and stage musician, continuing to release and perform the music of my heart because it just doesn’t really stop, the flame to do it, for just when I think it has, or that its too much heartbreak to share anything, it comes back, the need to share my soul in this way, and here is a place where I can do so with greater balance in other areas of my life. I look forward to connecting with more incredible musicians and creative people in this area, I am starting to feel more communicative and safe in the new environments of a lovely job with good people and pay and benefits in a beautiful area and I am living in a space I own, which is what I ultimately desired. I bought this sick big and newer trailer home, my family is healthy and well, I’m cozy in my incense and crystals music chamber with the furnace hot as the temperature drops and giving thanks for the autumn time. I have the master of my new recording City Athena and have been writing this new song, track two, Vampire’s Lagoon, for my fifth record. I will continue to be a hermit this winter taking care of family and working and writing music for the recordings and releasing the City Athena video to Planet Earth. I invite you to listen to any of my hundreds of hours of live streamed harp therapy, the bedroom sessions from the intense times of early quarantine, I honor that music, all of that stuff is unrehearsed and while I was mostly in channeling trance, or especially the music of any one of my 4 albums which have been carefully crafted with my own soul blood and everything in me, this music is on my website. I’ll see you again when I release the music video for City Athena. Right now my wonderful pup sleeps on my lap, she smells so good, I gave her an oatmeal bath earlier, the cottonwoods have turned to gold, its a sweet day. I just wanted to share where I am lately, and I hope you are doing good, big hugs to you, can’t wait to share all this new music with you when its ready, from this fresh musical and soul chapter in my life. Thank you for reading my words.


Love always,


Thank you so much to anyone reading this that attended this past April's performances in Santa Cruz with the museum, it was an outstanding success, a deep ceremony.I am creating video art I am developing of my project commission "City Athena" here in Santa Fe. Here are some gorgeous pictures from the museum event taken by the stellar MAH photographer Libby Kastle! 

MAH_BeyondTheGravePerformance1_ (188).jp
MAH_BeyondTheGravePerformance2_ (106).jp
MAH_BeyondTheGravePerformance1_ (139).jp
MAH_BeyondTheGravePerformance2_ (16).jpg
MAH_BeyondTheGravePerformance2_ (126).jp
MAH_BeyondTheGravePerformance1_ (159).jp
MAH_BeyondTheGravePerformance2_ (93).jpg
MAH_BeyondTheGravePerformance2_ (119) (1

It was my honour to participate in an event for the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History!

I was commissioned to create an original piece of music with harp and vocals to be performed before an audience at the beautiful and historic Evergreen Cemetary in Santa Cruz. I created City Athena, to be released soon.

Both nights of the performances sold out which was wonderful. 

It was a dream gig for me, I worked very hard on this piece inspired by this place of history, and I was very excited to share it with my community in an amplified performance within my favorite peaceful graveyard, the one I like to visit anytime I need to feel a greater depth of connection to my own life and ancestors. The song is 27 minutes in length, it was my intention to honor with music the living present there and those who rest within the Evergreen Cemetary.

Beyond the Grave: Musical Performances

Saturday, April 10th and Sunday, April 11th, 2021
4pm - 5pm

Evergreen Cemetery
261 Evergreen Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Early Bird Pricing through March 25th – $18 General Admission, $10 MAH Members

Join the MAH's new series of multidisciplinary performances at Evergreen Cemetery as artists connect Santa Cruz County's past with the present moment.

Artists and performers introduce new, site-specific work for this series of intimate performances. Inspired by the stories and landscape of the historic Evergreen Cemetery, dancers, spoken word artists, and musicians reimagine the space with new commissions.

April 10th - 11th | Musical Performances

For the inaugural weekend of Beyond Grave, we have commissioned opera singer, Akindele Bankole, avant-garde harpist Sabine Silver, and bilingual folk band, “Los Brownies.” Each artist has crafted a site-specific performance that will have you swaying in your seat, looking upon the cemetery with new eyes. Exploring their personal connections to the history found within the cemetery grounds, these works will connect us all to the people – past and present – of Santa Cruz County.

evergreen cemetary photo op.jpeg

Hello my beautiful friends, I am so excited that I must tell you, I recorded my Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History commission and new song "City Athena"  with Invertebrate Records today, and general admission for Saturday and Sunday night's performances are sold out! Thank you Santa Cruz. I love you. I promise that I will make you and my family proud with this song, I must always present my best work to the people of Earth and I am so proud of this work, just so proud. Thank you for listening to my music and I cannot wait to share "City Athena" with you, it will be my life's honor to do so. Working with Santa Cruz audio engineer and producer and wonderful human Tauvin Pursley today at Invertebrate Records was an awesome experience. Here is a picture from today, yes I was very happy

to have been in the studio today recording!

City Athena.jpg

Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

my lyfe_edited.jpg

(Project on Hold)
💖Peaceful a
fternoon amplified instrumental street performances Thursday through Sunday weather permitting broadcasted on Facebook Live for your relaxation and nervous system care. 
Posted each night to my press kit here             💖
💖I treasure playing my harp for you, it is my life's great honour, it is therapy for me also 100%, and it is my destiny, it is my civic duty, and my spiritual practice, to create and share all of my music with you 
💖Thank you for listening💖

Public Harp Therapy


Public Harp Therapy on the Las Vegas Strip July 2020

I adore you Vegas!! Thanks to my dear sister and Mama for having me stay with them in the city during my tour there. 

Personal Power Talismans for sale from my ready to wear collection! Thank you so much for looking! 

For prices and details               ❤️

Talisman of the week 12_15.jpg
Moonstone (1).jpg
Talisman of the week 11_23_20.jpg

Box Collection Shipped to Australia!

Aussie Goods.jpg
Carling Family.JPG

Spring Equinox 2021 Public Harp Therapy.....Spring is here!!!

mya 21_edited.jpg

Happy 21st Birthday to Mya! Her sweetheart booked me as a surprise for her and their friends at her birthday party. What a lovely time that was this evening, playing dreamy instrumental as the Birthday Queen walked in followed by the songs City Athena and The Alchemist off my first album, and more ambient instrumental during pizza and cake. Awesome local college students appreciative of classically influenced musical experiments and supporting local musicians. Thank you Griffin and Mya and all your really cool friends :)

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

Train tracks at Mount Shasta, California, May 2020

shows are happening.jpg

In my heart's element singing the songs on my albums from the underground with

Jordan Fickel's Liquid Light Show!

best EyES OF amburrr_Moment3_edited.jpg

July 20th, 2021 Blog

Hello my friends, I hope you are doing well. I apologize with all my heart if anyone needed harp therapy recently and my harp and I were not there. I will be back to sharing music on the street this weekend. I have been in New Mexico and also docked at the marina in Vallejo, I've been growing and learning and healing from shatter and a toll that caught up with me playing solo on the street, fear of being out in the world, strange fears of being in any form, however the tides are changing and my boat and I arrived safe at home a few days ago in my local Santa Cruz harbor, near my favorite anchorage, and I'll be getting back to musical work. My dream came true, making the journey here. Sometimes I need to do some wild s**t to make the light return in my eyes, so I crossed under the golden gate bridge and 2 miles beyond on my own after 5 hours of travel, howl of hail poseidon, I planned to reach Pillar Point that evening but found the waters to be too rough on the channel, so I pulled into Schoonmaker Marina in Sausalito, where the most wonderful group of artists and fishermen helped me to find the right person to complete the rest journey with me, a fisherman who has worked in the Bering Sea, the Gulf of the Farallones and Monterey Bay all his life. I am very grateful to those souls, and to my family, I found my heart and trust lighthouse again and I prayed as we traveled on the sea at night and the waves were big and rolley that all of the music I have made in life to honor the gods would help my Apollo boat and I to arrive safely home. The swells upon my boat that night were the sound of the loudest heartbeat, I'll never forget it, I love wild adventures in life, I held to my vision of being here and I can barely believe its here now. I missed my friends. I am so looking forward to sharing music with you all again, I still need to share my recent song, I keep thinking about that, I want to do that soon, I have a lot of adventure time to put into a video for that song. Here are a few pictures of jewelry comissions I completed this last month, if you would like a personal power talisman, just let me know, its one of my favorite things to create. There is a picture I took just before I crossed under the golden gate bridge the first time and initiated myself, I am proud of the work done, I am proud of my boat, and my life and heart has been changed by a community of beautiful hearts coming together to assist me. One thing I have learned, being raised in religion growing up, and what I released when I left, that there are no intermediaries between us and the divine. No one initiates me but myself and life, no priest or priestess or shaman, I felt great forces of divinity working this weekend, and the awesome power of the sea, it made me weep, the one other time I also felt this way was when I birthed my twins who are 9 without any painkillers, I had to surrender to these forces of nature, to the god forces, and be in the space of this ultimate soul shattering trust. Well, I just wanted to share these few things today and I'm looking forward to sharing music again soon, I remember after another period of feeling completely detatched from any identity form that I am on a musician path in this life and it is my honour and duty and great love. I'd like to quit being too shy or something to share online my previous album recordings, because I do love them and I am proud of them and feel they belong in the world too. I want to catalyze with greater wisdom a new chapter in my musical life with sunlight and by the light of our nearly full moon. Thank you so much for reading, dear souls. Love, Sabine

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