Thank you so much to anyone reading this that attended this past weekend's performances with the museum, it was an outstanding success, a deep ceremony, and I am very grateful to you and the universe.....
I would like to share the studio recording and video art I am developing of my project commission "City Athena"  before I share the live performance video of the Evergreen show, this will be soon, around early June. Here are some gorgeous pictures from the event,
taken by the stellar MAH photographer Libby Kastle! 

MAH_BeyondTheGravePerformance1_ (188).jp
MAH_BeyondTheGravePerformance2_ (106).jp
MAH_BeyondTheGravePerformance1_ (139).jp
MAH_BeyondTheGravePerformance2_ (16).jpg
MAH_BeyondTheGravePerformance2_ (126).jp
MAH_BeyondTheGravePerformance1_ (159).jp
MAH_BeyondTheGravePerformance2_ (93).jpg
MAH_BeyondTheGravePerformance2_ (119) (1

It was my honour to participate in an event for the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History!

I was commissioned to create an original piece of music with harp and vocals to be performed before an audience at the beautiful and historic Evergreen Cemetary in Santa Cruz. I created City Athena, to be released soon.

Both nights of the performances sold out which was wonderful. 

It was a dream gig for me, I worked very hard on this piece inspired by this place of history, and I was very excited to share it with my community in an amplified performance within my favorite peaceful graveyard, the one I like to visit anytime I need to feel a greater depth of connection to my own life and ancestors. The song is 27 minutes in length, it was my intention to honor with music the living present there and those who rest within the Evergreen Cemetary.

Beyond the Grave: Musical Performances

Saturday, April 10th and Sunday, April 11th, 2021
4pm - 5pm

Evergreen Cemetery
261 Evergreen Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Early Bird Pricing through March 25th – $18 General Admission, $10 MAH Members

Join the MAH's new series of multidisciplinary performances at Evergreen Cemetery as artists connect Santa Cruz County's past with the present moment.

Artists and performers introduce new, site-specific work for this series of intimate performances. Inspired by the stories and landscape of the historic Evergreen Cemetery, dancers, spoken word artists, and musicians reimagine the space with new commissions.

April 10th - 11th | Musical Performances

For the inaugural weekend of Beyond Grave, we have commissioned opera singer, Akindele Bankole, avant-garde harpist Sabine Silver, and bilingual folk band, “Los Brownies.” Each artist has crafted a site-specific performance that will have you swaying in your seat, looking upon the cemetery with new eyes. Exploring their personal connections to the history found within the cemetery grounds, these works will connect us all to the people – past and present – of Santa Cruz County.

evergreen cemetary photo op.jpeg

Hello my beautiful friends, I am so excited that I must tell you, I recorded my Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History commission and new song "City Athena"  with Invertebrate Records today, and general admission for Saturday and Sunday night's performances are sold out! Thank you Santa Cruz. I love you. I promise that I will make you and my family proud with this song, I must always present my best work to the people of Earth and I am so proud of this work, just so proud. Thank you for listening to my music and I cannot wait to share "City Athena" with you, it will be my life's honor to do so. Working with Santa Cruz audio engineer and producer and wonderful human Tauvin Pursley today at Invertebrate Records was an awesome experience. Here is a picture from today, yes I was very happy

to have been in the studio today recording!

City Athena.jpg

Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

my lyfe_edited.jpg

💖Peaceful afternoon amplified instrumental street performances Thursday through Sunday weather permitting broadcasted on Facebook Live for your relaxation and nervous system care. Posted each night to my press kit here             💖

💖I treasure playing my harp for you, it is my life's great honour, it is therapy for me also 100%, and it is my destiny, it is my civic duty, and my spiritual practice, to create and share all of my music with you 

💖Thank you for listening💖

Public Harp Therapy


Public Harp Therapy on the Las Vegas Strip July 2020

I adore you Vegas!! Thanks to my dear sister and Mama for having me stay with them in the city during my tour there. 

Personal Power Talismans for sale from my ready to wear collection! Thank you so much for looking! 

For prices and details               ❤️

Talisman of the week 12_15.jpg
Moonstone (1).jpg
Talisman of the week 11_23_20.jpg

Box Collection Shipped to Australia!

Aussie Goods.jpg

One of the best moments of 2021 so far.....a few Sundays ago I was busking in my favorite spot in Santa Cruz and I look up because I sense the presence of royalty and guess who is there.....the most talented woman, and family, in my opinion on this planet Earth....Gunhild Carling and the Carling Family!!!!!!!!!!!

Just an absolute honour to meet her. And my friend the wonderful musician Robert Perala, who I am standing next to, was also there. Making music opens up the doors in life to meet the coolest of cats,

I am a very lucky penny.  

Carling Family.JPG

Spring Equinox 2021 Public Harp Therapy.....Spring is here!!!

mya 21_edited.jpg

Happy 21st Birthday to Mya! Her sweetheart booked me as a surprise for her and their friends at her birthday party. What a lovely time that was this evening, playing dreamy instrumental as the Birthday Queen walked in followed by the songs City Athena and The Alchemist off my first album, and more ambient instrumental during pizza and cake. Awesome local college students appreciative of classically influenced musical experiments and supporting local musicians. Thank you Griffin and Mya and all your really cool friends :)

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

Train tracks at Mount Shasta, California, May 2020

shows are happening.jpg

In my heart's element singing the songs on my albums from the underground with

Jordan Fickel's Liquid Light Show!

best EyES OF amburrr_Moment3_edited.jpg

Friday, May 7th, 2021

Good Afternoon my Beautiful Friends, I hope you are having a gorgeous spring Friday. I wanted to let you know that public harp therapy sessions will be less frequent this particular month of May, but still happening as much as I can be out there. For whatever the thoughts of this soul are worth, I want you to know that I support you in being courageous, in being in love with your dreams, with your heart and soul expressions, with the ones you love without guarded heart, and in sending light to any dark places of past or present trauma, in not taking any bull from anyone, in transcending constraints placed upon you by others or by our own selves, and if someone tells you nope to your dreams to let it fuel the snake magic in your guts to bring forth your vision in even higher form, in healing and growing, this lifelong journey, sending support for your sovereignty and sacred visions and freedom to say with words what you want to and need to, even if it means some people don't like you, and to be empowered to do exactly what you need to do in this life to be who you are in your limitless potential, despite our humanness, in all our human potential for flight and creation. I won't be playing harp out as much just for now as I transition fully onto living aboard my vessel Apollo. I named her for my loyalty and allegiance to the energetic archetype of the solar deity harp god presiding over oracular vision, far reaching sight, and protector of seafarers, my first home that I own for myself and my family. I am doing my best to be courageous, integrate my own shadows, face my own fears and recurring nightmares, to graft rose branches of freedom from fear and shame based religious ideology within my family tree, to hold the vision strong under the sun and moon through music and simple things. I love deeply and cry tears and bare my teeth like any animal learning her life's tough and rich lessons, and I hope that if anything to this world the harp music can be an expression of what I hope is my own highest potential. Now I bring the ocean deeper into my heart as a sea cradle haven for new art and music and sustainability and a safe home space to grow. I finally feel at home. I have worked so hard for all of this. Thank you for listening to me, thank you Captain Doug Wagner for apprenticing me and believing in me, thank you to the beautiful man I adore and my soul family for believing in me. I'll see you all very soon with the street harp, I love playing my harp for you, with all my heart.

With Love, Sabine Rose


Photo by Captain Doug from his boat, Mare Island Strait

Captain Doug and Me.jpg

Grandpa Doug and Me

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