💖Peaceful afternoon amplified instrumental street performances Thursday through Sunday weather permitting broadcasted on Facebook Live for your relaxation and nervous system care. Posted each night to my press kit here             💖

💖I treasure playing my harp for you, it is my life's great honour, it is therapy for me also 100%, and it is my destiny, it is my civic duty, and my spiritual practice, to create and share all of my music with you 

💖Thank you for listening💖

Public Harp Therapy

Good Afternoon Lovely Humans, wishing you a wonderful Saturday in late December! Here is a session of public harp therapy with the harps Aradia and Apollo from downtown Santa Cruz for your relaxation and nervous system care

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Thank you for listening

Saturday, December 19th, 2020

Public Harp Therapy Street Performance in front of Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I adore you Vegas!!! July 10th, 2020

Personal Power Talismans for sale from my ready to wear collection! Thank you so much for looking! 

For prices and details               ❤️

Hello! I hope you are having a happy and cozy evening. I wanted to share that I shipped off a boxed set of my four albums on compact disc to sail the pacific waters to Australia today, they requested everything signed I also shipped this recently created lumerian quartz talisman, its route upon the northeastern seas to European Lands. With love from California. I wanted to say thank you all so much for listening to my music and supporting this artist's work, with all my heart, online and there on the street!

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

Sunday, September 13th, 2020

Happy Sunday to You!

On this foggy day on the coast of California I wish you peace and love. I brought my harp Aradia out to play some instrumental music and also the little Apollo harp, you are welcome to come over and strum it for harp therapy along side of us on the street if you'd like!

Virtual Tip Jar (Venmo) Sabine Silver

Thanks A Million, For You, & For All The Love.

An afterthought....at 2:38:25 when beloved activist and new friend in Santa Cruz Curtis Reliford of The Peace Train blasted the song "Black Roses" from my first album Nine Lives Acts I & II music all over downtown today with his Peace truck, it was a moment I will cherish always because I was inspired by a new friend I have had much respect for since the first time I lived in Santa Cruz...and I have never heard my music that loud before....ever!!!

Train tracks at Mount Shasta, California, May 2020

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