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I wrote "City Athena" in February of 2021 as a commission for the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz, California. It was recorded in April with Tauvin Pursley at Invertebrate Records. This is take 2 of the recording, the levels were left untouched and then it was mastered. This is my authentic live sound as a solo musician with this system of sound I have developed. I released my first four albums in 2018 and 2019 through my project The Haunted Theatre. I think this music sounds best turned way up on your speakers, loud enough to break a glass in the kitchen, or through noise cancelling headphones, the bass is magic and those are just my preferences. "City Athena" was mastered in October 2021 by Bozho Lasich in San Francisco, California. It is the first song off my fifth album.  Released to flight from Vampy The Vampyre Camper

in Abiquiu, New Mexico on 01/11/22.

Thank you for listening

My four albums

Public Harp Therapy


Public Harp Therapy on the Las Vegas Strip July 2020

Jordan Fickel's Liquid Light Show

Santa Cruz, California

best EyES OF amburrr_Moment3_edited.jpg

Crossing under the Golden Gate, a solo mariner's adventure at the Lion's Gate Moon in July 2021, it became a portal into a new life.

I hope you enjoy the music born from the deep ocean of my being, over eight hours of original classically influenced harp psychedelia created, recorded and presented across the Southwest and California over a period of seven years, as well as hundreds of hours of live street harp instrumental performances. Perhaps there will be more music one day to share but I do not know for sure, I cannot describe here what I have learned about humanity, myself and the world in sharing my soul in these ways and the process of inherent evolution but I do know that the work of my thirties is with my canine companions in my career as a dog groomer and I am wholly satisfied and a contented and deeply private woman, mother, partner and artist. It is of my opinion that social media can be a helpful tool for connecting with people all over the world and for the time I spent doing that I am thankful for, but the darker sides of it truly overpower the goodness of it. It breeds narcissism, addiction, nervous system overload, and it opens the door to people of the stalking variety.  That is simply what comes with sharing any work out in the public and one must accept it and not complain if that is the path chosen, but it is something I am unwilling to contend with, so I happily remove myself and with peace of mind choose that. I believe that social media in general is destroying our society and rotting our minds and hearts. I have converted to Catholicism and gratefully kneel to Jesus Christ as my King, and I have never been more at peace or empowered in my path for what God truly wants for me in life. And that is not to be showing my body to the world, to be seeking ways to numb the pain, to get likes and followers, or to go along with the anything goes attitude of the marxists that are attempting to indoctrinate an entire generation of young adults and children to their ideology of relativism and deeply harmful over the top sexual revolution and "openness". I come from a lineage of strong patriots and Christians and I am solid within my soul at who I have been on the path to become who I am now. I love people generally speaking, usually from afar, and believe people should be who they are fully and love who their souls are calling them to love, and everyone has their own path in life. We live in an incredible free society in the West and we all reap the benefits of such freedom that has been painstakingly built by people who have given their lives willingly to create it, but there are natural laws and boundaries to life. Objective truths (not even in a religious sense I speak of) have guided functioning societies for centuries, and ideologies with relativism at their core have consistently destroyed societies and created totalitarianism and dictatorship. My path is to protect my children from the evil I have experienced being out in the world, and to transcend with God's help what I witness and process through within my own fallen human nature. There is a war on this planet of good and evil. Demonic presence and possession can occur on many levels of this reality and in people and is present in every institution, church, disguised movements; and I recognized exactly what was going on inside myself and the level of influence dark forces had over my life when I lived out on the sea for a period of time a few years ago. It changed me, it was a very painful process of soul reconstruction and upheaval and I am out the other side of it now by the grace of God.  

I choose light, I choose life, I choose the way of peace in mind, body and heart.      

Thank you, and all my best to you, forevermore.


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